Wine Essentials Exam
requisite for the Premier Cru Certificate Exam









Congratulations on your completion of Wine Essentials. This page provides access to the Wine Essentials Exam, which is open to all participants that have completed the Wine Essentials course. Successful completion is a requirement of the Wine Certificate Programs, and will put you well on your way to achieving the first level: Premier Cru.

The test contains 50 questions, including multiple choice, cross match and true/false. This initial level exam is given on the honor system and has no time restriction. All we ask is that you complete the work yourself without assistance. The exam code provided to you at your final class will give you access to the test.

You may do the exam at any time within one year of completing Wine Essentials. Additional details concerning certification requirements are posted in the ICE catalog and the Center for Wine Studies brochure. An overview of the program will also be forwarded with your exam results.                                                                                                                                              

Thank you again for your participation in this class and program. We hope you found it enjoyable and informative, and look forward to tasting with you again soon at one of our many other offerings.


Richard Vayda
Director of ICE Center
for Wine Studies


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